Abstract 1993


95 x 42 20 cm

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About Alfred Basbous

Born in Rachana, Lebanon, in 1924, three years following the birth of his brother Michel, Alfred Basbous had a peripatetic childhood. His family moved around, living among different communities, as his father was a parish priest.

Alfred worked with stone early on, and began carving works in wood and metal too, primarily to represent animals and female nudes. In 1960, he received a scholarship from the French government and became a pupil of the sculptor René Collamarini at L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 1961, his works were included in the International Sculpture Exhibition at the Musée Rodin, Paris. Returning home, Alfred drew inspiration from the Modernism of Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore and Jean Arp, as well as the nature of Lebanon, reflected in his work on the human body and feminine curve.


Location : Artspace THE GATE VILLAGE BLDG. 3, LEVEL 2, DIFC DUBAI, UAE 506759
Dubai, United Arab Emirates -

Opening : 7:00 pm
Oct 12 2016 - Jan 12 2017